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Our Catering Service is officially recognized by the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. With 20 years of experience in situ, our team knows all the facilities in every detail: access, surfaces, locations, constraints ... The circuit has no secrets for us!.

We are very attentive to your diet because your physical and mental well-being are closely related. "Mens sana in corpore sano" (quote from Juvenal, the Roman poet, which translates to "A healthy mind in a healthy body") perfectly illustrates the working philosophy of our Catering service. It is on the fundamental principle of life that we have developed our concept of "Healthy Food" innovative culinary approach that respects true values and which axis to 5 fundamental points to offer all year round and balanced menus quality.

- We mainly use quality products that we personally select in as our needs to ensure freshness
- We study our menus to offer a healthy and varied cuisine,
- We seek to reduce or eliminate the use of unnecessary fat,
- We select and value the local producers and thus actively participate in reducing our environmental footprint,
- We advocate the "Back to Basic" ie a return to fundamentals. The result is that we offer a card that works seasonal products that respects Nature and your nature.

If you are sporting and / or simply pay attention to your diet, you will feel involved and you will love this approach to a new healthy and balanced cuisine but certainly not boring or without colors or flavors ... We adapt to your needs, your culture, your budget, your timing, your habits, your guests and we strive for you to feel even better than at home.


Then a staff party, seminar, an incentive, a business meeting, a birthday, an occasion to celebrate, ... Small, medium and large enterprises, we're listening. Please send your request by mail to and assure you a quick follow-up.

Customized service

Think organize an incentive, a gala event or a private party (birthday, retirement, birth, ...)? Our experience is at your service. Rely on our expertise and be sure to be supported by a passionate and skilled team in the field.

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Unforgettable events.

We adapt to your desires and needs according to your marketing plans. Our experience places allows us to exploit the circuit every corner and organize a unique event.
We can serve you in several languages (English, Dutch, German, ...)

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Your Menu

An innovative culinary approach and respectful of true values. We create your menu on request, taking into account the plans and restrictions of each. A balanced meal to sublimate a single event.

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